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Quality Drywall Inc. (QDI) offers comprehensive flooring installation services, catering to a variety of flooring types including wood, laminate, vinyl, and more. Our approach to flooring installation is centered around precision and attention to detail, ensuring a flawless finish that enhances the beauty and functionality of your space. We begin by preparing the subfloor, ensuring it's level and ready for the new flooring. Our skilled team then meticulously installs each piece of flooring, whether it's interlocking planks or traditional hardwood, ensuring each piece fits perfectly and the entire floor is seamless and stable.

We understand that flooring is a significant aspect of any interior design, and our goal is to provide installations that not only look stunning but also stand the test of time. With QDI, you can expect a flooring installation that is not just about laying planks or tiles; it's about crafting a foundation that transforms your space into a place of comfort and style.


Our Approach

  1. Assessment: We begin by evaluating the space, understanding client preferences, and determining the best flooring options.

  2. Material Selection: Offering a range of materials from hardwood to tiles, we guide clients in choosing the perfect fit for their space.

  3. Precision Installation: Our skilled team ensures precise and efficient installation, paying close attention to detail.

  4. Finishing Touches: We complete the project with necessary finishing work, ensuring a seamless and polished look.

  5. Quality Check: A thorough inspection is conducted to guarantee the highest standards of quality and durability.

Project Primer:
What to Know Before We Start

Our goal is to ensure a seamless and efficient process, from start to finish. By understanding these important aspects, you'll be well-equipped to collaborate with us effectively, making your project experience smooth and enjoyable.

  • Accessibility of Space: The area for flooring installation should be accessible and free from furniture or obstructions.

  • Subfloor Conditions: Awareness of the existing subfloor's state is crucial; it may require preparation or repair.

  • Moisture Considerations: In moisture-prone areas, selecting moisture-resistant flooring options is advisable.

  • Style and Material Choices: Having a clear preference for flooring style and material will streamline the selection process.

  • Budgetary Constraints: A predefined budget range is helpful for choosing suitable flooring options.

Why Choose QDI?

Quick turnaround

Licensed and insured

Versatile service offering

Speedy communication

Experienced team

Competitive pricing

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